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Nutrient Media

Liquid and solid.
Nutrient Media  Sartorius
Package typeInhalt
TypeDescriptionDetermination /
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
bottle250.0014144-Anutrient agar acc. DEVcolony count45055061-119.88Order
tube20.0014137-Knutrient agar acc. DEVcolony count505055051-139.32Order
tube20.0014131-Kstandard agarcolony count505055052-170.64Order
bottle250.0014157-AWort agaryeasts and moulds45055063-117.72Order
tube20.0014138-KWort agaryeasts and moulds505055053-140.40Order
bottle250.0014148-AVLB-S7-S agarPediococci + lactobacilli45055067-166.32Order
tube20.0014127-KVL-S7-S bouillonPediococci + lactobacilli505055056-213.84Order
bottle20.0014130-Korange serum agaracidotolerant microbes505055057-170.64Order
bottle250.0014155-Alactose bouillon, double concentratedE. coli and coliforms enterobacteria45055041-43.63Order