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BioSart® 100 Nutrient Media

Tube each 2.5 ml.
BioSart® 100 Nutrient Media  Sartorius
Package typeInhalt
TypeDescriptionDetermination /
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ampoule2.5016400-02EN-KendoE. coli and coliforms bacteria505049331-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-KF-KKF-StrepE. coli and coliforms bacteria505049334-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-LS-Klauryl sulfate / TeepolE. coli and coliforms bacteria505424113-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-MF-Km FC BouillonE. coli and coliforms bacteria505049332-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-TT-Ktergitol TTCE. coli and coliforms enterobacteria505049333-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-GS-KM-greenyeasts and moulds505424112-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-MG-KM-Greenyeasts and moulds505049337-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-SB-Ksabouraudyeasts and moulds505049336-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-WN-KWallerstein nutrientyeasts, moulds and bacteria505424111-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-WZ-Kflavoursyeasts and moulds505424114-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-CA-Kcasocolony count505049325-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-RA-KR2Acolony count505049327-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-TC-KTC Bouilloncolony count505049326-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-TZ-Ktotal count TTCcolony count505424110-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-CE-Kcetrimidepseudomonas aeruginosa505049335-94.18Order
ampoule2.5016400-02-OS-Korange serumacidotolerant microbes505049328-94.18Order