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Laboratory Refrigerators LABO

Not explosion-proof.
  • Outer panels of galvanised sheet steel (protection against sub surface rusting), white, powder coated. Interior made of impact-resistant white plastic with moulded-in shelf guides. Insulating, 50 mm of high-grade pressure foamed and pro-environmental material, extra thick for energy saving effect.
  • Door with plastic magnetic sealing, easy to change, lockable. Door does not project at side when opened. Door hinge changeable (also subsequently), standard version with hinges on right (as illustrated), deliverable also with door hinge on left at no extra charge.
  • Defrosting automatically, with thermal and time limit functions. Melt water evaporation in the compressor area.
  • Control panel with digital temperature display, optical and acoustic warning in case of temperature variations, if door is kept open for too long, potential-free contact for connection to various remote alarm systems, defrost control light as well as red warning light if safety control device is in function.
  • Temperature gear by electronic thermostat. The temperature is kept automatically, independent of changing outside temperatures, provided the ambient temperature is approx. 3 °C above the selected interior temperature.
  • Safety control device prevents from freezing.
  • Compressor, dynamic ventilated, hermetically enclosed, energy saving, low noise, easy to service.
  • Further accessories on request!
Technical Data:
Temperature setting:approx. + 2 to + 20 °C
Power draft:LABO-85: 100 W
LABO-100: 150 W
LABO-125: 100 W
Average consumption:LABO-85: 0.6 kWh / 24 h
LABO-100: 0.42 kWh / 24 h
LABO-125: 0.6 kWh / 24 h
Shelf dimensions:LABO-85: 23 x 37 cm resp. 34 x 37 cm
LABO-100: 43.8 x 36 cm
LABO-125: 43.8 x 24 cm resp. 43.8 x 33 cm
Mains supply:220 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz, other voltage on request
Interior explosion-proofno
Defrosting methodautomatic
Substructure capableyes
Recirculating air coolingyes
Laboratory Refrigerators LABO  Kirsch
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