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Flame Photometer Type 410

Flame photometer directly measures alkali and alkaline earth metals sodium, potassium, lithium, calcium and barium by means of a low temperature flame using propane, butane or natural* gas. The measurement can be semi-automatic due to the diluter model 805 (optional).
Flame photometry is the technique of choise for the measurement of Na, K and Ca in all sample types in food, beverage, fertiliser and soil analysis.

Items supplied:
Model 410 basics complete with Na / K / Ca filter.
Standard-solution (1000 mg / l Na, K, Ca).
Service manual.
Technical Data:
Min. measuring range:Na: 20 µg / l
K: 20 µg / l
Li: 50 µg / l
Ca: 0.2 µg / l
Ba: 20 mg / l
Min. concentration of 100 units:Na: 0.5 mg / l
K: 0.5 mg / l
Li: 0.2 mg / l
Ca: 5.0 mg / l
Ba: 1000 mg / l
Specificity:Na, K, Li interference = < 0.5 %
Linearity:Na, K, Li, Ba < ± 1 % mid range with 3 mg / l solution with 100 units
Reproducibility:< 2 % CV from the same bulk sample for 20 determinations at Na = 10 mg / l
Time to stability:aspirate for 20 s
Aspiration rate:2 ml / min
Electrical supply:110, 115, 200, 230, 240 V AC ± 10 %
Dimensions (H x W x D):510 x 390 x 345 mm
Weight:9.5 kg
Flame Photometer Type 410  Kleinfeld
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Clinical model on request!
* Natural gas is not applicable when Ca has to be measured. An additional natural gas regulator is necessary (on request).
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