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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director
Sherwood Scientific 

Colorimeter Model 260

Programmable colorimeter. Incorporates full programmability allowing up to 100 methods to be installed by the user. This permits semi-automatic operation with the user only required to insert the prompted filter. An RS 232 output allows the use of a serial printer and every result, blank and calibration is time stamped. The unit allows quick absorbance and transmission measurements with auto-zero, concentration with standard solutions or factor as well as the new kinetic reaction rate and end point methods.
Technical Data:

LCD programmable
Wavelength range:400 to 700 nm
Modes:absorbance, transmission, factor kinetic
(rate und end point), (sample and reagent blank)
Absorbance range:0.000 to 1.999
Absorbance resolution:0.001
Transmission range:0 to 100 %
Transmission resolution:0.1 %
Reproducibility:± 1 % T using same cuvette or test tube
Light Source:pre-focused tungsten lamp
Dimensions (L x W x H):218 x 230 x 188 mm
Weight:2.2 kg
Mains supply:90 to 264 VAC auto-ranging or 12 VDC battery, 50 Hz
Colorimeter Model 260  Kleinfeld
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Gelatine filter41015775931-219.29Order
Gelatine filter43015775915-189.74Order
Gelatine filter47015775916-189.74Order
Gelatine filter49015775917-189.74Order
Gelatine filter58015775920-189.74Order
Gelatine filter60015775921-189.74Order
Gelatine filter71015775922-189.74Order
Interference filter51015775942-754.27Order
Interference filter54615775943-754.27Order
Interference filter66015775944-754.27Order
Interference filter68015775945-754.27Order
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