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Microbiological Safety Cabinets CleanAir Class II B

This cabinet range is a four filter system offering the highest safety for the user, the product and the environment. These state of the art cabinets have been designed in consultation with a variety of different end users to create an up to date design which is both ergonomic and user friendly. The cabinets series Euroflow type EFB is certified acc. to the EN 12469 and DIN 12980 and is available in different models. By using high-end materials the noise level of the cabinets has been reduced to 57 dBa. A very simple locking system gives the ability of opening and locking the window construction hermetically when gaseous disinfecting is performed. The epoxy coated armrest in combination with V-shaped slits in the working surface deliver a great contribution to allow safe and ergonomic working when seated in front of the cabinet.

Standard execution:
  • The cabinet is constructed out of epoxy coated.
  • Sliding and hinged window.
  • Windows opening in work mode is 165 mm.
  • G3 pre-filter underneath the working surface.
  • Integrated AISI 304 st. steel drip tray construction.
  • Seamless AISI 304 st. steel interior.
  • Integrated epoxy coated armrest.
  • V-shaped air slits, positioned at the front of the work top.
  • The work top is made out of one piece of st. steel.
  • Digital display.
  • Auto adjustable fan.
  • Visual and acoustic alarms for inflow, exhaust and window positioning.
  • Air and gas tight sealable for fumigation purposes e. g. formaldahyde or H202.
  • Microprocessor safety control panel incl. user and service menu.
Technical specification for filters:
Pre-filter:quality: G3
efficiency: 90 %
conforms to EN 779
Central filter A (V-shaped):quality: H13
efficiency: 99.999 % (H14)
conforms to EN 1822
Central filter B:quality: H14
efficiency: 99.999 % (H14)
conforms to EN 1822
Exhaust filter:quality: H14
efficiency: 99.999 % (H14)
conforms to EN 1822
Microbiological Safety Cabinets CleanAir Class II B  Kleinfeld
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