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Chloride Meters Type 926 and 926 S MKIII

The chloride meter enables simple and rapid determination of chlorides in solution. Preset calibration. Several samples can be measured using a single buffer reagent volume. The microprocessor control system reports when a sample has exceeded the measuring range or when the reagent solution has to be changed. Main areas of application are in food industry and in the paper, water and plating industries amongst others (type 926). Type 926 S MKII fulfils the demands of biomedical investigations.

Items supplied:
Silver anodes and cathode, detectors, reagent pack, 2 beakers.
Technical Data:
Measuring range:10 to 999 mg / l Cl (type 926)
10 to 299 mmol / l Cl (type 926 S MKII)
2 to 165 mg salt %
Analysis time:< 72 s (type 926)
26 s at 100 mmol / l (type 926 S MKII)
Sample volume:0.5 ml
Mains supply:110 to 240 V
Dimensions (W x D x H):200 x 250 x 315 mm
Weight:3.8 kg
Chloride Meters Type 926 and 926 S MKIII  Kleinfeld
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Silver anodes35775991-191.29Order
Silver electrodes (1 cathode, 2 detectors)35775992-191.29Order
Sample beaker, Pyrex15775993-66.97Order
Electrode polish, box of 25 g15775994-100.46Order
Chloride standard solution, 200 mg Cl / l, 6 x 100 ml65775995-173.87Order
Chloride standard solution, clinical65775998-173.87Order
Acid buffer reagent, 500 ml15775996-135.45Order