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Accessories for Variable Speed Rotor Mill PULVERISETTE 14 classic line

Accessories for Variable Speed Rotor Mill PULVERISETTE 14 classic line  Fritsch
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Impact rotor8 ribs, st. steel15738282-1,588.68Order
Impact rotor12 ribs, st. steel15738283-1,588.68Order
Impact rotor24 ribs, st. steel15738284-1,588.68Order
Sieve ringtrapezoidal perforation, 0.08 mm, st. steel 316L15738286-153.36Order
Sieve ringtrapezoidal perforation, 0.12 mm, st. steel 316L15738287-153.36Order
Sieve ringtrapezoidal perforation, 0.2 mm, st. steel 316L15738288-153.36Order
Sieve ringtrapezoidal perforation, 0.5 mm, st. steel 316L15738289-153.36Order
Sieve ringtrapezoidal perforation, 0.75 mm, st. steel 316L15738285-153.36Order
Sieve ringtrapezoidal perforation, 1 mm, st. steel 316L15738290-153.36Order
Sieve ringtrapezoidal perforation, 1.5 mm, st. steel 316L15738278-153.36Order
Sieve ringtrapezoidal perforation, 2 mm, st. steel 316L15738279-153.36Order
Sieve ringround perforation, 1 mm, st. steel 316L15738291-318.60Order
Sieve ringround perforation, 2 mm, st. steel 316L15738292-318.60Order
Sieve ringround perforation, 4 mm, st. steel 316L15738293-318.60Order
Sieve ringround perforation, 6 mm, st. steel 316L15738294-318.60Order
Sieve ringsquare perforation, 2 mm, st. steel 316L15447446-318.60Order
Sieve ringsquare perforation, 4 mm, st. steel 316L15447447-318.60Order
Sieve ringsquare perforation, 6 mm, st. steel 316L15447448-318.60Order
Conversion kitfor grinding large quantities15738295-1,293.84Order
LABORETTE 24vibratory feeder for the automatic sample feeding15738297-2,840.40Order
Standfor LABORETTE 2415738298-507.60Order
Impact barfor grinding hard to medium-hard samples15738273-631.80Order
Pin insertfor grinding w/o sieve medium-hard, oil / grease containing samples15738274-1,438.56Order
Rotors and sieve rings are also available in others designs and materials. An extensive range of accessories with impact bar, pin insert, sample exhaustion with cyclone separator and much more is available for your specific application.