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Cutting Mills PULVERISETTE 15/19/25

Ideal for pre- and fine comminution of soft to medium-hard as well as fibrous or brittle, tough materials. They are essential for the areas of plastics, textiles, agriculture and forestry, environmental, construction materials, chemistry, foodstuffs and for sample preparation for RoHS analysis.

All grinding parts can be removed for cleaning in just a few seconds without tools - unbeatable fast, simple and efficient. Variable rotational speeds, different rotors, various knife geometries and replaceable blades ensure maximum flexibility and durability. For controlling the abrasion properties, the tools are offered in different materials. The optimum airflow ensures fast comminution and secure protection against clogging. The FRITSCH cyclone seperators (optional) for sample exhaustion enable simple feeding due to the strong airflow, increase throughput, and reduce the thermal load of the samples.
Technical Data:
Sieve inserts:0.2 to 20 mm
Mains supply:
400 V / 3 ~ / 50 Hz
380 to 460 V / 3 ~ / 50 to 60 Hz
400 V / 3 ~ / 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H):

420 x 480 x 690 mm
440 x 790 x 560 mm
450 x 650 x 630 mm
Cutting Mills PULVERISETTE 15/19/25  Fritsch
Cutting Mills PULVERISETTE 15/19/25  FritschCutting Mills PULVERISETTE 15/19/25  FritschCutting Mills PULVERISETTE 15/19/25  Fritsch   
TypeMax. Aufgabenbreite
DrehzahleinstellungMin. Drehzahl
[/ min]
Max. Drehzahl
[/ min]
Durchsatz max.
l / h
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Cutting mill PULVERISETTE 1570.00fix2800.003400.0050.0032.0015738423-5,686.20Order
Universal cutting mill PULVERISETTE 1980.00variable300.003000.0060.0079.0015446368-11,178.00Order
Universal cutting mill PULVERISETTE 1980.00variable50.00700.0060.0083.0015446367-11,178.00Order
Power cutting mill PULVERISETTE 2585.00fix300.00360.0085.0075.0015739401-10,470.60Order
All cutting mills are also available in other voltages.
Funnel, rotors, sieve inserts / sieve cassettes and collecting vessels must be ordered additionally.
FRITSCH also offers a cutting mill combination which consists of the universal cutting mill PULVERISETTE 19 and power cutting mill PULVERISETTE 25.
The important effect is that samples with feed particle size of 120 mm max. can be ground to a few 100 µm within a short time and in a single operation. Ordering data on request.
Accessories for cutting mill PULVERISETTE 15 / Fritsch, Idar-Oberstein
Accessories for universal cutting mill PULVERISETTE 19 / Fritsch, Idar-Oberstein
Accessories for power cutting mill PULVERISETTE 25 / Fritsch, Idar-Oberstein