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Accessories for Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 15

Accessories for Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 15  Fritsch
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Protected funnelwith sample pusher15438028-953.64Order
Funnelfor long and bulk solids15429800-901.80Order
Rotorwith straight cutting edges and fixed knives, made of tool steel15422710-1,566.00Order
Sieve insertst. steel 613L, trapezoidal perforation, 0.25 mm15738432-158.76Order
Sieve insertst. steel 613L, trapezoidal perforation, 0.50 mm15738433-158.76Order
Sieve insertst. steel 613L, trapezoidal perforation, 0.75 mm15738434-158.76Order
Sieve insertst. steel 613L, trapezoidal perforation, 1 mm15738435-158.76Order
Sieve insertst. steel 613L, trapezoidal perforation, 1.5 mm15738436-158.76Order
Sieve insertst. steel 613L, trapezoidal perforation, 2 mm15738437-158.76Order
Sieve insertst. steel 613L, square perforation, 4 mm15738441-158.76Order
Sieve insertst. steel 613L, square perforation, 6 mm15738442-158.76Order
Collecting vessel3.5 l15429801-335.88Order
Collecting vessel60 l, with filter hose15738447-987.12Order
Universal support standfor the free mounting of cutting mill15739362-488.16Order
Alternative funnels as well as sieve inserts are also available in other perforations. Rotors as well as the sieve insert are also offered in chromium-free steel.