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Accessories for Power Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 25

Accessories for Power Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 25  Fritsch
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Funnelstandard, funnel for bulk solids, 10 l15739413-1,407.24Order
Standard rotorwith V-cutting edges and fixed knived made of hardened st. steel16051638-2,904.12Order
Sieve cassettesmade of st. steel 316L, trapezoidal perforation 1 mm15447449-493.56Order
Sieve cassettesmade of st. steel 316L, square perforation 4 mm16051641-493.56Order
Collecting vesselcapacity 3 l15739350-370.44Order
Collecting vesselcapacity 10 l for large quantities15739351-686.88Order
Universal support stand 15739362-488.16Order
Standwith wheels for the free mounting of the cutting mills15739360-999.00Order
Further funnels, rotors in other materials and designs, sieve cassettes in other perforations and materials (e. g. for chromium-free comminution) available on request.