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Accessories for Vibratory Sieve Shakers ANALYSETTE 3 PRO and SPARTAN

Accessories for Vibratory Sieve Shakers ANALYSETTE 3 PRO and SPARTAN  Fritsch
TypeDescriptionForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Clamping lidplexiglas, for test sieves 200 mm / 8" Ødry sieving15826404-286.20Order
Clamping lidPOM plastic without window, for test sieves up to 200 mm / 8" Ødry sieving15826405-192.24Order
Sieve tensioning system TorqueMasterincl. clamping lid and electrical tool for test sieves up to 200 mm / 8" Ødry sieving15826408-1,591.92Order
Interposed sieve panst. steel, 200 mm Ø, 50 mm highdry sieving15826401-119.88Order
Interposed sieve panst. steel, 8" Ø, 2" highdry sieving15826407-119.88Order
Sieve panst. steel, 200 mm Ø, 50 mm highdry sieving15826444-72.36Order
Sieve panst. steel, 8" Ø, 2" highdry sieving15826406-72.36Order
Clamping lidplexiglas, with 2 rotation nozzles, for test sieves 200 mm / 8" Øwet sieving15431714-759.24Order
Sieve panst. steel, with outlet, 200 mm Ø, 50 mm highwet sieving15826446-324.00Order
Interposed sieving ringwith 3 nozzles, for test sieves 200 mm Øwet sieving15826447-975.24Order
Sieve panst. steel, with outlet, 8" Ø, 2" highwet sieving15826449-324.00Order
Interposed sieving ringwith 3 nozzles, for test sieves 8" Øwet sieving15826450-975.24Order
Venting ringfor test sieves 200 mm Ø (required when utilizing test sieves < 100 μm)wet sieving15445426-160.92Order
Test sieves as well as accessories for micro-precision sieving and for use of the ANALYSETTE 3 as micro mill (for grinding small sample quantities) on request.
Sieves, clamping lids and sieve pans with and without outlet are also available for 8" and 100 mm sieves.