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Made of titanium alloy (TiAl6V4). Transmit mechanical longitudinal waves into the sample. They are thermoresistant, can be treated in autoclaves and are resistant to corrosive media. Sample volume, Ø of the processing vessel and the required amplitude determine the selection of the unit and the type of probe. The higher the amplitude, the more intense the sonication.
Extended probe VS 70 T:
  • Especially used for sonication of ceramic suspensions or when preparing samples for grain size analysis.
  • For HD 2070.2 / 2200.2.
Probes  Bandelin
DescriptionForTip Ø
Tip typeFor volumes
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
MS 1.5-1.50micro tip0.1 to 1015420441-150.12Order
MS 2.0-2.00micro tip0.25 to 2015434761-144.72Order
MS 2.5-2.50micro tip0.5 to 2515420442-139.32Order
MS 72SH 213 G2.00micro tip1 to 25 / 2 to 3015650244-223.56Order
MS 73SH 70 G / SH 213 G3.00micro tip2 to 50 / 5 to 9015650245-156.60Order
KE 76SH 70 G / SH 213 G6.00tapered tip5 to 100 / 10 to 35015650246-171.72Order
VS 70 TSH 70 G / SH 213 G13.00extended probe10 to 200 / 20 to 90015650239-190.08Order
TT13SH 70 G / SH 213 G13.00titanium flat tip10 to 200 / 20 to 90015650250-73.44Order
TS 102UW 50 / SH 100 G2.00titanium probe0.5 to 20 / 2 to 2515442337-218.16Order
TS 103UW 50 / SH 100 G / SH 200 G3.00titanium probe1 to 25 / 3 to 50 / 5 to 9015442338-200.88Order
TS 104UW 50 / SH 100 G / SH 200 G4.50titanium probe3 to 50 / 5 to 75 / 5 to 10015442339-195.48Order
TS 106UW 50 / SH 100 G / SH 200 G6.00titanium probe5 to 75 / 10 to 100 / 10 to 35015442340-164.16Order
TS 109UW 50 / SH 100 G / SH 200 G9.00titanium probe10 to 100 / 15 to 150 / 10 to 50015442341-169.56Order
TS 113SH 100 G / SH 200 G13.00titanium probe20 to 200 / 20 to 90015442342-164.16Order
TS 216SH 200 G16.00titanium probe25 to 90015442343-298.08Order
TS 219SH 200 G19.00titanium probe25 to 90015442344-353.16Order
TS 225SH 200 G25.00titanium probe30 to 100015442345-233.28Order
MS 1.5, MS 2.0 and MS 2.5 for HD mini 20.
Further probes and accessories are available on request.