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Heinz Herenz 

Original Steri-Stoppers®
Heinz Herenz

For the sterile closure of test tubes, Erlenmeyer- and culture flasks etc. Autoclavable up to + 200 °C.
Original Steri-Stoppers®  Heinz Herenz
TypeUpper Ø
MaterialStopper typePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
5 S6.506.50celluloseculture stopper50005430278-240.93Order
89.509.50celluloseculture stopper20005430279-73.40Order
8 P10.5010.50celluloseculture stopper18005430280-85.90Order
911.5011.50celluloseculture stopper20005231209+78.38Order
9 P10.5010.50celluloseculture stopper20005430281-79.64Order
1011.5011.50celluloseculture stopper10005231210-40.94Order
9 P14.5014.50celluloseculture stopper10005430282-46.72Order
1213.5013.50celluloseculture stopper10005430283+43.01Order
1314.5014.50celluloseculture stopper10005231212+46.52Order
13,5 P14.5014.50celluloseculture stopper10005231213-48.81Order
1414.5014.50celluloseculture stopper10005231214-46.52Order
14 P14.0014.00celluloseculture stopper10005231227-46.52Order
14.516.0016.00celluloseculture stopper10005231216-48.81Order
1515.5015.50celluloseculture stopper5005231215+25.22Order
1818.5018.50celluloseculture stopper5005231218-28.88Order
1922.0022.00celluloseculture stopper25005231221-296.04Order
2022.0022.00celluloseculture stopper4005231220-30.72Order
20 P22.5022.50celluloseculture stopper25005231222-224.64Order
23,5 P27.0027.00celluloseculture stopper20005231225-355.97Order
2627.0027.00celluloseculture stopper20005231226-259.26Order
2732.5032.50celluloseculture stopper10005430284-200.71Order
2931.0031.00celluloseculture stopper8505231229-187.80Order
3235.0035.00celluloseculture stopper8005231232-206.10Order
32 P33.0033.00celluloseculture stopper7505231233-235.27Order
32 PD32.5032.50celluloseculture stopper7505430285-225.70Order
3436.5036.50celluloseculture stopper7505231234-202.89Order
3639.5039.50celluloseculture stopper6005430286-181.95Order
3741.5041.50celluloseculture stopper6005231237-215.45Order
3843.5043.50celluloseculture stopper5005231238-179.84Order
40 P46.5046.50celluloseculture stopper5005231240+268.12Order
45 P48.0048.00celluloseculture stopper3005231245-231.07Order
4849.0049.00celluloseculture stopper4005435278-212.64Order
60 P60.0060.00celluloseculture stopper2005430287+265.52Order
70 K71.0071.00celluloseculture stopper1005435279-140.09Order
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