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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director
Heinz Herenz 

Original Steri-Stoppers®
Heinz Herenz

For the sterile closure of test tubes, Erlenmeyer- and culture flasks etc. Autoclavable up to + 200 °C.
Original Steri-Stoppers®  Heinz Herenz
NumberFor inside
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
5 s47.0 to 48.050005430278-202.46Order
8 P7.5 to 10.518005430280-72.18Order
910.5 to 11.520005231209+65.84Order
9 p9.0 to 10.520005430281-66.92Order
109.5 to 11.510005231210-34.40Order
1112.0 to 14.510005430282-39.27Order
1211.5 to 13.510005430283+36.14Order
1312.5 to 14.510005231212+39.09Order
13.5 P13.5 to 14.510005231213-41.00Order
1413.0 to 14.510005231214-39.09Order
14 P12.0 to 14.010005231227-39.09Order
14.514.0 to 16.010005231216-41.00Order
1513.5 to 15.55005231215+21.19Order
1817.5 to 18.55005231218-24.26Order
1919.0 to 22.025005231221-248.76Order
2020.5 to 22.04005231220-25.81Order
20 P19.0 to 22.525005231222-188.78Order
23.5 P25.0 to 27.020005231225-299.14Order
2626.0 to 27.020005231226-217.87Order
2727.0 to 32.510005430284-168.66Order
2929.5 to 31.08505231229+157.82Order
3232.5 to 35.08005231232-173.19Order
32 P32.0 to 33.07505231233-197.71Order
32 PD30.0 to 32.57505430285-189.67Order
3433.5 to 36.57505231234-170.50Order
3635.5 to 39.56005430286-152.89Order
3737.5 to 41.56005231237-181.05Order
3840.0 to 43.55005231238-151.13Order
40 P42.0 to 46.55005231240+225.31Order
45 P47.0 to 48.03005231245-194.18Order
4847.0 to 49.04005435278-178.69Order
60 P57.0 to 60.02005430287+223.13Order
70 K69.0 to 71.01005435279-117.72Order
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