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Chemistry Vacuum Systems and Chemistry Pumping Units

These chemistry vacuum systems and chemistry pumping units are available in a full range of volume flow rates and ultimate vacuum options. For every vacuum range the most appropriate vacuum pump is used as base. Complete vacuum systems and pumping units offer the advantage of a ready for operation assembly and an optimal configuration with useful accessories.
  • Particularly efficient are the vacuum systems and pumping units for simultaneous handling of 2 autonomous vacuum processes. Effective non-return valves protect against reciprocal impact.
  • High pump performance even in parallel operation.
  • Compact design, space-saving and high flexibility.
  • Plain surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • High user comfort by well proven configurations.
  • High vapour tolerance for water and solvents.
  • Low noise level.
  • Reasonable ultimate vacuum even with open gas ballast valve.
  • VACUU·SELECT controls all common vacuum processes in chemistry labs.
  • Predefined applications for quick, save time and guarantee reproducible results.

Items supplied:
2AK system:

Vacuum system completely mounted, chemistry diaphragm pump, inlet separator (AK) with protective coating, separator (AK) for condensate with protective coating.

AK + EK system:
Vacuum system completely mounted, chemistry diaphragm pump, inlet separator (AK) with protective coating, exhaust waste vapour condenser (EK).

AK SYNCHRO + EK system:
Vacuum system completely mounted, chemistry diaphragm pump, inlet separator (AK) with protective coating, exhaust waste vapour condenser (EK) with 2 inlets.

PC 510 select / PC 610 select:
Chemistry diaphragm pump mounted on pump support, inlet catchpot (AK) with solenoid-operated isolation valve, vacuum controller with integrated air admittance valve mounted on controller support with multiple mains socket for central plugging, exhaust waste vapour condenser (EK).

PC 511 select / PC 611 select:
See PC 510 select / PC 610 select, additional vacuum port with manual flow control including non-return valve against cross interference.

PC 520 select / PC 620 select:
Chemistry diaphragm pump mounted on pump support, inlet catchpot with 2 solenoid-operated isolation valves, Controlling of two applications with one VACUU·SELECT controller.
VACUUBRAND  Chemistry Vacuum Systems and Chemistry Pumping Units
flow rate
m3 / h
(L x W x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
MZ 2C NT + 2 AKMZ 2 CNT2.07319 x 243 x 30913.615880826-2,527.20Order
MZ 2C NT + AK + EKMZ 2 CNT2.07326 x 243 x 40214.215880827-2,748.60Order
MZ 2C NT + AK SYNCHRO + EKMZ 2 CNT2.07326 x 248 x 40214.515880803-3,115.80Order
MD 4C NT + AK + EKMD 4 CNT3.41.5326 x 243 x 40217.315880837-4,514.40Order
MD 4C NT + AK SYNCHRO + EKMD 4 CNT3.41.5326 x 248 x 40217.615880805-4,951.80Order
PC 510 selectMZ 2 CNT2.07418 x 243 x 45717.215881352-4,395.60Order
PC 511 selectMZ 2 CNT2.07435 x 243 x 45717.415881355-4,676.40Order
PC 520 selectMZ 2 CNT2.07435 x 243 x 45717.715881353-6,426.00Order
PC 610 selectMD 4 CNT3.41.5419 x 243 x 45720.415881354-6,145.20Order
PC 611 selectMD 4 CNT3.41.5435 x 243 x 45720.615881358-6,436.80Order
PC 620 selectMD 4 CNT3.41.5435 x 243 x 45720.615881359-8,316.00Order
AK: separator for condensate.
Synchro: system with two manually controlled vacuum connections.
EK: exhaust waste vapour condenser.