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VARIO® Chemistry Pumping Units

VARIO® chemistry diaphragm pumping units provide vacuum control by precise adaptation of diaphragm pump motor speed, work energy-efficient and obtain a long lifetime of membranes up to several years of permanent operation. They automatically identify the vapour pressures and continuously adapt the vacuum to parameter changes. Quick and precise adaptive control adjusts pumping speed to actual process requirements, irrespective of application size and volume of vapours. An ultimate vacuum down to 0.6 mbar can be attained.
  • Compact design, space-saving and high flexibility.
  • Very short process times with continuously high evaporation rates.
  • Plain surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • Mains supply: 230 V, 50 to 60 Hz.
  • VARIO® chemistry pumping units always consist of vacuum pump and vacuum controller with integrated pressure transducer (made of alumina ceramic), air admittance valve, inlet catchpot and exhaust waste vapour condenser.
  • VARIO NT DUO: pumping unit consisting of 2 PC 3012 NT VARIO pumps mounted in parallel on common base plate, controlled by one CVC 3000 controller, ready for use, with manual.
VACUUBRAND  VARIO® Chemistry Pumping Units
VACUUBRAND  VARIO® Chemistry Pumping UnitsVACUUBRAND  VARIO® Chemistry Pumping Units    
flow rate
m3 / h
(L x W x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
PC 3001 VARIO selectMD 1C VARIO-SP2.02303 x 306 x 4008.215446114-4,822.20Order
PC 3002 VARIO selectMZ 2C VARIO select2.87419 x 243 x 45717.915881347-5,081.40Order
PC 3003 VARIO selectMV 2C VARIO select2.80.6419 x 243 x 45721.115446920-6,750.00Order
PC 3004 VARIO selectMD 4C VARIO select4.61.5419 x 243 x 45721.115881348-6,750.00Order
PC 3010 VARIO selectMV 10C VARIO select130.6606 x 260 x 4502715429102-10,022.40Order
PC 3012 VARIO selectMD 12C VARIO select151.5606 x 260 x 4502715429103-9,806.40Order
PC 3012 VARIO DUOMD 12C NT VARIO281.5611 x 925 x 5606515439594-20,790.00Order