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Vacuum Local Area Network VACUU.LAN®

The vacuum local area network VACUU.LAN® operates multiple vacuum work stations using one single vacuum pump. A multitude of components offer the choice of individual configuration for all common vacuum applications in the chemical laboratory. VACUU.LAN® is available for installation into new laboratories (A2) or for retrofitting into existing laboratories (A1). The components have integrated non-return valves with high effectiveness against interference or cross contamination.
  • Many valve options to match workplace needs.
  • Adaptable to changing needs and network expansion, with easy-to-change valve elements.

Typical options for retrofitting into existing laboratories.

Manual flow control module VCL 01:
With manual flow control to open or close the vacuum line and to control pumping speed

Shut off- / manual flow control module 02:
A manual flow control to control pumping speed combined with a ball valve which is for quick closing or opening of the vacuum line. A pre-set flow is maintained.

Automatic control module VCL-B 10:
The electromagnetic isolation valve, in combination with a vacuum controller, such as VACUU·SELECT, provides automatic vacuum control.
Vacuum Local Area Network VACUU.LAN®  VACUUBRAND
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Manual flow control module VCL 0115882830-251.64Order
Shut-off / manual flow control module VCL 0215882832-371.52Order
Automatic control module VCL-B 1015423133-650.16Order
Shut off- / manual flow control module VCL 0215882831-650.16Order
Control / shut-off / measuring module VCL RKM17404622-313.20Order