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Ultra-Pure Water System Ultra Clear™ TWF
EVOQUA Water Technologies

The Ultra Clear™ TWF is a water purification system which is combining RO technology with the features of Ultra Clear™ systems. This means that the units can be connected directly to a potable water source and that they are available with all options for a ultra pure water system: dual wavelength UV-oxidiser (TOC < 1 ng / l), ultra filtration modules (endotoxin < 0.001 EU / ml) and TOC-monitoring. Product water from the RO can be taken directly out of the tank, too.

Typical application:
Ultra Clear TWF:
AAS, common analysis, standard buffer, GC.

Ultra Clear TWF UV and UV TM:
HPLC, IC, GC, GC / MS, TOC-analysis, ICP and ICP / MS:

Ultra Clear TWF UV UF and UV UF TM:
DNA sequence, RNase DNase free, DNA free, PVR, IVF, 2-D-electrophoresis, critical cell culture, pyrogen sensitive application.

Ultra pure water system that combines RO technology with the features of Ultra Clear™ systems.
  • Silent circulation pump.
  • Membrane filter 0.1 µm with PES membrane for sterile filtration in the circulation loop.
  • Flexible dispenser made of PVDF, water recirculates up to the outlet tip.
  • Controller, display with membrane keypad.
  • Conductivity after VMD module, LF1.
  • Conductivity or resistivity ultra-pure water, LF2.
  • Temperature.
  • Level indication 30 l storage tank (60 l optional).
  • Status indication symbols for all operation figures.
  • Indications for maintenance intervals and replacement of cartridge.
  • Fault indications.
  • 24 h programme with interval function.
  • RS232 interface (processing software optional).
  • User-selectable language.
  • Further accessories are available on request.
Technical Data:
Output:1.8 l / min
Conductivity at 25 °C:0.055 µS / cm
Resistivity at 25 °C:18.2 MΩ-cm
TOC:< 1 to 15 ppb (dependent of type)
< 1 Kbe / ml
< 0.001 Eu / ml (UV UF, UV UF TM)
Particle > 0.1 µm:< 1
Product rate into the tank:10 l / h (20 l / h optional)
Dimensions (W x D x H):560 x 320 x 530 mm (with 30 l tank)
900 x 320 x 530 mm (with 60 l tank)
Weight:41 to 59 kg
Ultra-Pure Water System Ultra Clear™ TWF  EVOQUA Water Technologies
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