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Schott AG 

Accessories for Cold Light Sources
Schott AG

Accessories for Cold Light Sources  Schott AG
Accessories for Cold Light Sources  Schott AGAccessories for Cold Light Sources  Schott AGAccessories for Cold Light Sources  Schott AG   
TypeDescriptionForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Gooseneck lightguide, 2-armsØ 3.5 mm active, length 500 mmKL 300 LED14190034-192.24Order
Mounting Adapter, 32 mm columnØ 32 mm IDKL 300 LED14190087-28.08Order
Gooseneck lightguide, 2-armsØ 4.5 mm active, length 600 mmKL 1600 LED14190003-259.20Order
Annular Ringlight 'slim'Ø 66 mm ID, length 1000 mmKL 1600 LED15446049-537.84Order
Lens adapter 66 mm to 58 mmfor annular ringlight with 58 mm lensKL 1600 LED14190092-31.32Order
Focusing lensfor gooseneck lightguideKL 300 LED, KL 1600 LED14190017-32.40Order
Halogen filterØ 28 mmKL 1600 LED16377440-31.32Order
IEC power connection cable with EU-plugIEC C13 plugKL 1600 LED14190090-8.64Order
Swan-neck light guide, 1-armØ 3.5 mm, length 500 mmKL 300 LED14190033-116.64Order
Swan-neck light guide, 1-armØ 4.5 mm, length 600 mmKL 1500 LCD14190002-151.20Order
Split ring lightI-Ø 58 mmKL 1500 LCD14190014-581.04Order
Spare lamp15 V, 150 WKL 1500 LCD14190028+27.00Order
Daylight filterØ 28 mmKL 2500 LCD54190063-156.60Order