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Racks for Hydro Water Baths Type H 4 to H 41 / H 8 A and H 16 A

Rack A000015:with 20 openings of 18 mm Ø, for test tubes Ø 16 / 17 mm, height max. 185 mm
Rack A000016:with 5 openings of 31 mm Ø, for test tubes, height max. 185 mm
Rack A000017:with 20 openings of 13 mm Ø, for test tubes 12 mm Ø, height max. 185 mm
Rack A000022:with 12 openings of 56 mm Ø, for baby milk bottles
Capacity per water bathRack
Type H 8:A000015 / A000016 / A000017: 4 l
A000022: 1 l
Type H 16 / H 22:A000015 / A000016 / A000017: 8 l
A000022: 2 l
Type H 24:A000015 / A000016 / A000017: 12 l
A000022: 3 l
Type H 41:A000015 / A000016 / A000017: 9 l
A000022: 2 l
Type H 8 A:A000015 / A000016 / A000017: 4 l
A000022: 1 l
Type H 16 A:A000015 / A000016 / A000017: 8 l
A000022: 2 l
Racks for Hydro Water Baths Type H 4 to H 41 / H 8 A and H 16 A  LAUDA
Racks for Hydro Water Baths Type H 4 to H 41 / H 8 A and H 16 A  LAUDARacks for Hydro Water Baths Type H 4 to H 41 / H 8 A and H 16 A  LAUDA    
TypeMaterialPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Rack 1920no indication15905970-53.46Order
Rack 1921no indication15905971-53.46Order
Rack 1922no indication15905972-53.46Order
Rack 1942no indication15905977-145.80Order