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Accessories for Centrifuges 5702 / 5702 R / 5702 RH / MiniSpin® and MiniSpin® plus

Rotor A-4-38:
Swing-bucket rotor incl. 4 round beakers of 100 ml.

Rotor F-35-30-17:
Fixed-angle rotor 30 x 15 ml incl. Falcon®-adapter and 30 rubber sleeves.

Rotor F-35-30-17:
Fixed-angle rotor 10 x 15 ml, incl. 10 Falcon®-adapter and 10 rubber sleeves.

Rotor A-8-17:
Swing-bucket rotor 8 x 15 ml, without accessories.

Rotor F-45-18-17-Cryo:
Centrifugation of 1 to 2 ml Cryotubes® (max. 18 pcs) and screw-cap centrifugation tubes.
Accessories for Centrifuges 5702 / 5702 R / 5702 RH / MiniSpin® and MiniSpin® plus  Eppendorf
DescriptionForFor rotorPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Swing-bucket rotor A-4-38, incl. 4 x 85 ml round buckets- 15776442-1,021.68Order
Swing-bucket rotor A-4-38, without buckets- 15776443-557.28Order
Set of 4 x 100 ml round buckets-A-4-3845776444-575.64Order
Set of 4 x 90 ml rectangular buckets-A-4-3845776445-346.68Order
Aerosol-tight caps100 ml round bucketsA-4-3825776446-61.45Order
MiniSpin® adapter for 0.4 ml tubesmax. Ø 6 mm, for all 1.5 / 2.0 ml rotors-65776487-15.01Order
MiniSpin® adapter for 0.2 ml PCR tubesmax. Ø 6 mm, for all 1.5 / 2.0 ml rotors-65776486-15.01Order
MiniSpin® adapter for 0.5 ml tubesmax. Ø 8 mm, for all 1.5 / 2.0 ml rotors-65776488-15.01Order
Adapter2 pcs. for 2 x 5 ml each and for A-4-84 100 ml round bucketsA-4-3825434265-85.97Order
Adapter100 ml round bucket, for each 5 x 2 to 7 mlA-4-3825776447-171.72Order
Adapter100 ml round bucket, for each 4 x 4 to 10 mlA-4-3825776448-171.72Order
Adapter100 ml round bucket, for each 4 x 9 to 15 mlA-4-3825776449-171.72Order
Adapter100 ml round bucket, for each 1 x 15 ml Falcon®A-4-3825776450-95.58Order
Adapter100 ml round bucket, for each 2 x 15 ml Falcon®A-4-3825776451-171.72Order
Adapter100 ml round bucket, for each 1 x 25 mlA-4-3825776452-95.58Order
Adapter100 ml round bucket for each 1 x 50 ml Falcon®A-4-3825776453-95.58Order
Adapter90 ml round bucket, for each 10 x 5 to 7 mlA-4-3825776454-87.37Order
Adapter90 ml round bucket, for each 8 x 9 mlA-4-3825776455-87.37Order
Adapter90 ml rectangular bucket, for each 6 x 15 mlA-4-3825776456-61.45Order
Adapter90 ml rectangular bucket, for each 4 x 20 mlA-4-3825776457-87.37Order
Adapter90 ml rectangular bucket, for each 2 x 25 mlA-4-3825776458-87.37Order
Fixed-angle rotor F-35-30-17, with 20 Falcon®-adapter + 30 mats30 x 15 ml 15776459-675.00Order
Fixed-angle rotor F-35-30-27, with 10 Falcon®-adapter + 10 mats10 x 15 ml 15776460-449.28Order
Fixed-angle rotor F-45-18-17-Cryo  15776440-469.80Order
MiniSpin® rotor F-55-16-5 PCRincl. rotor lid 15423486-285.12Order
Set of 10 steel sleeveseach 15 mlF-35-30-17105776490-152.28Order
Set of 10 adapter15 ml Falcon® tubesF-35-30-17105776491-91.91Order
Set of 10 rubber mats15 mlF-35-30-17105776492-22.79Order
Swing-bucket rotor A-8-178 x 15 ml 15776493-275.40Order
Set of 8 rubber mats15 mlA-8-1785776494-17.50Order
Set of 8 adapter15 ml Falcon®A-8-1785776495-74.52Order