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Laboratory and Industrial Pump Flowmaster

The most convincing solution for fluid transfer in laboratory and production use in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Flow rates 37 ml / min to 13 l / min. Optimised for increased hygienic requirements. Stainless steel housing, tube-loading under sterile conditions without aspirating air, thorough cleaning due to easy disassembly of the pump-head.

  • Pump stops when the tube-bed is opened, multiple overload protection.

Outstanding features:
  • Comprehensive analogue interface with status information for process control systems.
  • Sensitive handling of cells and fluids.
  • Tube change-over in 5 s.
  • Dispensing by time.

Items supplied:
Pump with 3-roller pump-head for tubing with 3.2 mm wall thickness.
Technical data:
Speed:5 to 500 min-1, resolution 0.1 min-1
mambrane key-pad, LED-display
Power consumption:500 W
Mains supply:230 V / 50 Hz, 115 V / 60 Hz (adjustable)
Protection classIP 65
Dimensions (W x D x H):220 x 500 x 262 mm
Weight:26 kg
Flow rate range:37 to 13000 ml / min
Laboratory and Industrial Pump Flowmaster  ISMATEC
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