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Conductivity Cells

  • TetraCon® 325 standard conductivity cell: 4-pole cell with integral temperature sensor, with different cable length, measuring range: 1 µS / cm to 2 S / cm.
  • LR 325 / 01 ultra-pure water conductivity cell: with integral temperature sensor and flow through vessel D 01 / T for measuring very low conductivity ranges (< 1 mS / cm) e. g. boiler feed water or deionised water. Cable length 1.5 m. Min. / max. insertion depth 35 / 120 mm and flow through, measuring range: 0.001 to 200 µS / cm.
  • LR 325 / 001 trace conductivity cell: with integral temperature sensor, measuring range: 0.0001 to 30 µS / cm, temperature range: 0 to 100 °C, insertion depth: 40 / 120 mm.
  • TetraCon® DU / T conductivity flow through cell: 4-pole conductivity cell with integral temperature sensor for standard applications. Connection via 10 mm Ø tubing nozzles (the adapter cable KKDU with 1 m cable is required for connection). Filling volume 7 ml. Measuring range: 1 µS / cm to 2 S / cm.
  • Connection cable KKDU 325 with 1 m cable and 8-pin-plug: for conductivity flow through cells TetraCon® DU / T, TetraCon® DU / TH. KDU 1 / T and KDU 1 / TH.
Conductivity Cells  WTW
TypePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
TetraCon® 32515704081+505.44Order
TetraCon® 325-3 with 3 m cable15704090-537.84Order
TetraCon® 325-6 with 6 m cable15704091-568.08Order
TetraCon® 325-10 with 10 m cable15704092-615.60Order
TetraCon® 325-15 with 15 m cable15704093-672.84Order
TetraCon® 325-20 with 20 m cable15704094-734.40Order
LR 325/0115704083-626.40Order
LR 325 / 00115704095-1,046.52Order
TetraCon® DU/T15704078-829.44Order
Connection cable KKDU 325, 8-pin-plug15704079-160.92Order
KLE 32515430699-384.48Order