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Heracell™ 150i / 240i CO2 Incubators, Medical Devices
Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific Heracell™ i series CO2 incubators provide a very good in vitro environment: clean, reliable and easy to use, protecting samples while optimising cell growth.
  • Available in 2 sizes: 150 and 240 l and in non-corrosive stainless steel or 100 % pure antimicrobial copper.
  • ContraCon 90 °C moist heat decontamination.
  • Rapid Humidity Recovery.
  • iCAN™ touchscreen improves visibility and control of important incubator information helping to achieve culturing goals.
  • Optional TC- or IR-CO2-sensor.
  • Optional Trigas-O2-control for hypoxic and hyperoxic applications.
Heracell™ 150 i:
External size (Wx H x D):
Internal size (W x H x D):
637 x 867 x 782 mm
470 x 607 x 530 mm
150 l
ContraCon decontamination routine:verified by accredited laboratories
Disinfection phase, on all surfaces:90 °C / 9 h
Period (ambient temperature 20 °C):25 h
Efficiency spectrum:bacteria, fungi, spores (USP 23), mycoplasma
Mains supply:
230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
0.58 kW
Heracell™ 240 i:
External size (W x H x D):
Internal size (W x H x D):
780 x 934 x 834 mm
607 x 670 x 583 mm
240 l
ContraCon decontamination routine:verified by accredited laboratories
Disinfection phase in all surfaces:90 °C / 9 h
Period (ambient temperature 20 °C):25 h
Efficiency spectrum:bacteria, fungi, spores (USP 23), mycoplasma
Mains supply:
Rated output:
230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
0.64 kW
Heracell™ 150i / 240i CO2 Incubators, Medical Devices  Thermo Scientific
Heracell™ 150i / 240i CO2 Incubators, Medical Devices  Thermo ScientificHeracell™ 150i / 240i CO2 Incubators, Medical Devices  Thermo Scientific    
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Heracell™ 150ist. steel inner casing15536007-10,929.60Order
Heracell™ 150iall copper inner casing15424874-12,489.12Order
Heracell™ 240ist. steel inner casing15536009-15,905.16Order
Heracell™ 240iall copper inner casing15536011-17,476.56Order
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