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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director

Accessories for Heracell™
Thermo Scientific

DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Underframe 200 mm, without castors15536038-732.24Order
IR-CO2-sensor15536039-on demand 
O2-measuring and control range, Vol % 1 to 21*15536040-6,117.12Order
O2-measuring and control range, Vol % 5 to 90*15536043-6,117.12Order
Gas tight screen, 6 doors15536041-2,133.00Order
Door hinged left (free-of-charge)15536037-1.30Order
1 level, independantly controlled roller bottle system15536045-4,322.16Order
2 level, independantly controlled roller bottle system15536046-8,367.84Order
3 level, independantly controlled roller bottle system15536047-12,192.12Order
4 level, independantly controlled roller bottle system15536048-16,116.84Order
Additional shelf, full-width st. steel, incl. 2 support bars15431646-267.84Order
Additional shelf, full-width copper, incl. 2 support bars15431647-320.76Order
Heratray st. steel shelf tray 1/3 width35431648-271.08Order
Heratray copper shelf tray 1/3 width35431649-318.60Order
Heratray st. steel shelf tray ¼ width45431650-282.96Order
Heratray copper shelf tray ¼ width made45431651-346.68Order
Support frame 780 mm, without castors15536027-824.04Order
* Incl. 6 door gas tight screen.