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Highspeed Bench Top Centrifuge Heraeus™ Biofuge™ stratos
Thermo Scientific

The Biofuge™ stratos has the features you want most in a high speed benchtop centrifuge: high speed and g-forces, min. noise, max. imbalance tolerance and extreme reliability. At less than 60 dBA, the Biofuge™ stratos is the quietest in its class-without compromising performance. Accommodating a full range of tube sizes from 0.2 to 180 ml and achieving over 50000 x g in only 30 s makes the Biofuge™ stratos the top performer in its class. Our innovative drive with "active damping" ensures eyeball balancing and maximum reliability - even if your tubes break.
  • Fast, flexible, and reliable. The Biofuge™ stratos features a maintenance-free, brushless induction drive and can run nine different rotors at speeds up to 23300 min-1 / 50000 x g.
  • Safety in case of sample loss.
  • The patented electronic imbalance detection system is ideally matched to every rotor, so that should sample loss occur during a run, the centrifuge investment is protected. And because the system is designed specifically for each rotor, false error messages are eliminated.
  • Certified for biocontainment. All rotors have been specifically designed for biologically safe centrifugation. Fixed-angle rotors feature a surrounding groove, which collects leaked liquids, and aerosols, which limits the risk of spilled liquids. The Biofuge™ stratos is independently certified for aerosol containment by Porton Down, U.K.

Technical Data:
  • Control: "Easycontrol II" microprocessor-control.
  • Drive: brushless induction drive.
  • Noise level at max speed: < 60 dBA.
  • Timer: 0 to 9 h 59 min, continuous operation, alternatively 0 to 99 h.
  • Programs: 19 + 1 pre-cooling program.
  • Safety features: lid lock and interlock.
  • Braking / accel. curves: 9 / 9.
  • Temperature range: - 9 to + 40 °C.
  • Advanced functions: RCF selection, "quick-run" feature, rotor recognition.
  • Automatic imbalance detection: electronic, depending on speed.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 395 x 640 x 595 mm.
  • Weight (without rotor): 134 kg.
  • Mains supply: 120 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 230 V, 50 to 60 Hz.
Highspeed Bench Top Centrifuge Heraeus™ Biofuge™ stratos  Thermo Scientific
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Rotors and accessories are available on request!
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