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photoFlex® Portable Photometers

These portable photometers are optimised for measurements at changing locations: handy, robust with a precise optical system in power saving LED technology. Offering photometry combined with pH- and turbidity measurement, they are offering 'real' multiparameter applications.

3 models with 6 wavelengths support many applications: photoFlex® STD for photometric measurements and the unique combinations of photometry with pH-measurement offered by photoFlex® pH and additionally turbidity measurement suitable in drinking water with photoFlex® Turb. They are suitable for process controll, monitoring and water analyis.
  • Smart adaptor technology for varying cell heigths, undetachably: 16 mm round cells from 92 to 104 mm and 28 mm round cells.
  • Data storage for 100 (photoFlex® STD) and 1000 data sets.
  • Approx. 200 programmed methods.
  • User defined methods: 50 (photoFlex® STD) and 100.
  • 6 wavelengths: 436, 517, 557, 594, 610, 690 nm.
  • Additionally electrochemical pH measurement incl. automatic temperature compensation with photoFlex® pH.
  • Additionally pH and turbidity measurement with pHotoFlex® Turb. Turbidity measurement with 860 nm IR acc. DIN 27027 / ISO 7027 from 0 to 1100 NTU with drinking water reliable precision in the low range.

Accessories (optional): LabStation for photoFlex® / Turb® 430 series with rechargeable batteries, software LSdata for easy data management; rechargeable batteries set for photoFlex® pH and photoFlex® Turb; LSdata PC-software (stand alone). photoFlex® series also offers field sets.
photoFlex® Portable Photometers  WTW
photoFlex® Portable Photometers  WTWphotoFlex® Portable Photometers  WTW    
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
photoFlex® STDLED filter photometer15430705-1,674.00Order
photoFlex® pHLED filter photometer with integ. pH function15775895-2,047.68Order
photoFlex® pH case setLED filter photometer with integ. pH function16320320-2,646.00Order
photoFlex® TurbLED filter photometer with integ. turbidity measurement + pH function15775896-2,708.64Order
photoFlex® Turb case setLED filter photometer with integ. turbidity measurement + pH function15438078-3,333.96Order