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Hand Disinfectant Promanum® pure

Hygienic hand disinfection acc. to EN 1500 within 15 s (a contact time of at least 30 s is recommended). Surgical hand disinfection acc. to EN 12791 in only 60 s.
  • Active ingredient base alcohols, free from additional active substances.
  • Effective against bacteria (incl. MRSA, TbB) and fungi.
  • Virus efficiency: virucidal with limited effectiveness (incl. HBV, HCV, HIV), effective against adeno-, rota- and noroviruses within hygienic hand disinfection (30 s).
  • DGHM / VAH and IHO listed.
  • Equipped with selected re-moisturising agents.
  • Free from colourants and perfume.
Hand Disinfectant Promanum® pure  B.Braun
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