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Accessories for EASYCAL 4.0, Calibration Software

Avoid time-consuming evaporation traps or an expensive dual-pan balance. Pipettes < 50 µl to be surprisingly easy calibrated by using EASYCAL testing tubes (available as an accessory) or the new micro-weighing container.
Accessories for EASYCAL™ 4.0, Calibration Software  BRAND
TypeAusführungPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
EASYCAL™ test tubes for pipettes < 50 μltube2505271101-25.76Order
Pipette holder (clip) for test tubestube15411260+3.78Order
Micro weighing container incl. 10 filters and 3 cover capstube15271102-30.35Order
Filter pack (replacement filterstube205271103-29.16Order
Cover cap set (spare closures)tube35271104-27.81Order
Micro weighing container - extremely small cap opening and internal filter provide simple protection against evaporation.