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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director
Heinz Herenz 

Amies Swabs

Sterile, alternatively with or without Amies-medium.

With Amies- / Stuart-medium:
  • Microbiological transport-set with Amies-medium.
  • Sterilised by radiation.
  • Single packed in Peel-Pack.

Without medium:
  • Consisting of plastic tubes approx. 150 x 12 mm.
  • With plastic plug.
  • Label.

  • DNA tested Amies swabs.
  • ETO treated.
  • PCR controlled.
  • Delivery with certificate.
  • For forensics.
Amies Swabs  Herenz
Rod length
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
150.0012.00Amies swabs, MEDI, SWABwith Amies-medium, PS stick with viscose head1505404002-56.27Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, MEDI, SWAB, charcoalwith Amies-medium with charcoal, PS stick with viscose head1505430276-64.59Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, MEDI, SWAB, alu, charcoalwith Amies-medium with charcoal, alu stick with cotton head1505435282-72.64Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, MEDI, SWAB, Stuartwith Stuart-medium, PS stick with viscose head1505435283-58.21Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, MEDI, SWAB, alu, Stuartwith Stuart-medium, alu stick with cotton head9005435284-442.90Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, D2, red, PLwithout medium, PS stick with viscose head1005430275+31.28Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, D2, orangewithout medium, alu stick with cotton head1005430277+51.25Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, Forensettewooden stick with cotton head1005435285-71.41Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, LMS-Swab Amiesflocked swab, standard tip, pink screw cap6005447597-420.70Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, LMS-Swab Amiesflocked swab, fine tip, pink screw cap6005447598-431.23Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, LMS-Swab Amiesflocked swab, paediatric tip, pink screw cap6005447599-477.05Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, LMS-Swab Stuartflocked swab, standard tip, blue screw cap6005447600-408.06Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, LMS-Swab Stuartflocked swab, fine tip, blue screw cap6005447601-431.56Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, LMS-Swab Stuartflocked swab, paediatric tip, blue screw cap6005447602-480.17Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, VIR-Swab Virusflocked swab, standard tip, red screw cap6005447603-871.38Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, VIR-Swab Virusflocked swab, fine tip, red screw cap6005447604-894.03Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, VIR-Swab Virusflocked swab, paediatric tip, red screw cap6005447605-938.26Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, VIR-Swab Virus, viscose / rayonfine tip, red screw cap6005447606-1,158.39Order
150.0012.00Amies swabs, ESA-Swab10 ml foam head6005447607-918.22Order