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Vacuum-operated sample collector for sampling liquids in drums, tanks, road tankers, railroad wagons, ships, lakes, ground water.
  • Filling level control, automatic return flow and overfill protection by built-in venting valve.
  • Optimised suction volume 200 ml, suction pressure 0.5 bar and suction height from liquid surface 5 m WS.

ProfiSampler Aluminium:
For solvents and flammable liquids of VbF Hazard Class AI (VbF is the German Regulation concerning Flammable Liquids)*. With GL 45 bottle thread (fits Schott glass bottles from 100 to 1000 ml). The instrument must be grounded when sampling flammable liquids.
  • DEKRA tested: zone 0 and 1, explosion groups II A, II B, II C.

Items supplied:
Aluminium vacuum pump, with feet, venting valve and GL 45 bottle thread, 1 x 500 ml glass bottle, 5 suction tubes PA black, 220 cm long, electrically conductive, 1 tubing cutter, 1 brass hose weight, 20 Seal-it bottle seals, grounding cable.

ProfiSampler PP:
For general sampling, for weak acids, bases, detergents, chemical baths*. Made from solid, chemical-resistant PP. With GL 40 bottle thread for sampling bottle 250 ml.

Items supplied: Solid PP vacuum pump, with feet, venting valve and GL 40 mm bottle thread, 1 x 250 ml PP bottle, 10 m PE suction hose (roll), 1 tubing cutter, 1 hose weight made of st. steel 304, 20 Seal-it bottle seals.
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ProfiSampler  Bürkle
ProfiSampler  BürkleProfiSampler  Bürkle    
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ProfiSampler aluminium15303945-580.77Order
ProfiSampler PP15303946-448.96Order
* Always check the chemical resistance of parts coming into contact with the sample. Wear protective clothing.