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Deepwell Plates 96 and 384

Eppendorf Deepwell Plates 96 and 384 for a very good efficiency in storage, processing, transport and mixing of samples.
  • RecoverMax® design: high sample recovery rate, optimal mixing and resuspending.
  • Opti Track® matrix: 5 coloured frames and a rich in contrast, alphanumeric labelling allow for a simple and secure identification of well and plate.
  • g-Safe®: high centrifugal stability up to 6000 x g.
  • Quality: PCR clean, Sterile, DNA LoBind® (PCR clean), Protein LoBind® (PCR clean).
Deepwell Plates 96 and 384  Eppendorf
Deepwell Plates 96 and 384  EppendorfDeepwell Plates 96 and 384  EppendorfDeepwell Plates 96 and 384  Eppendorf   
DescriptionColourPackPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Deepwell plate 384 / 200 μl, PCR cleanwhite40 plates (5 bags of 8)405407500-396.36Order
Deepwell plate 384 / 200 μl, sterilewhite40 plates (5 bags of 8)405407505-455.76Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 500 μl, PCR cleanwhite40 plates (5 bags of 8)405407510-349.92Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 500 μl, PCR cleanyellow40 plates (5 bags of 8)405407511-349.92Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 500 μl, PCR cleangreen40 plates (5 bags of 8)405407513-349.92Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 500 μl, PCR cleanblue40 plates (5 bags of 8)405407514-349.92Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 500 μl, sterilewhite40 plates (5 bags of 8)405407515-on demand 
Deepwell plate 96 / 500 μl, sterileyellow40 plates (5 bags of 8)405407516-405.00Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 500 μl, sterilegreen40 plates (5 bags of 8)405407518-405.00Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 500 μl, sterileblue40 plates (5 bags of 8)405407519-405.00Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 1000 μl, PCR cleanwhite20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407520-160.92Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 1000 μl, PCR cleanyellow20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407521-160.92Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 1000 μl, PCR cleangreen20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407523-160.92Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 1000 μl, PCR cleanblue20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407524-160.92Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 1000 μl, sterilewhite20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407525-183.60Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 1000 μl, sterileyellow20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407526-183.60Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 1000 μl, sterilegreen20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407528-183.60Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 1000 μl, sterileblue20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407529-183.60Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 2000 μl, PCR cleanwhite20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407530-on demand 
Deepwell plate 96 / 2000 μl, PCR cleanyellow20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407531-186.84Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 2000 μl, PCR cleangreen20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407533-186.84Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 2000 μl, PCR cleanblue20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407534-186.84Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 2000 μl, sterilewhite20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407535-on demand 
Deepwell plate 96 / 2000 μl, sterileyellow20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407536-220.32Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 2000 μl, sterilegreen20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407538+220.32Order
Deepwell plate 96 / 2000 μl, sterileblue20 plates (5 bags of 4)205407539-220.32Order
Also available as DNA LoBind® and Protein LoBind®.