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Sterile Disposable Erlenmeyer Flasks, Plain Bottom and PTFE Membrane

Made of light, crystal clear PETG, PEHD 0.2 µm closure. Sterile disposable flasks reduce the chance for cross contamination. Ideal for shaker and suspension cell culture, media preparation or storage. Molded-in graduations. The PEHD closure has a hydrophobic 0.2 µm PTFE membrane that allows sterile air exchange. Individually packaged for easy storage and handling.
Sterile Disposable Erlenmeyer Flasks, Plain Bottom and PTFE Membrane  Nalgene®
Ausführung HalsDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
125.00screw capclosure 38-430245141271-195.70Order
250.00screw capclosure 38-430125141272-105.36Order
500.00screw capclosure 45-430125141273-127.53Order
1000.00screw capclosure 45-43065141274-72.38Order
2000.00screw capclosure 45-43045141275-71.28Order
2800.00screw capclosure 70 mm45425158-136.08Order