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Safety Waste Funnels

PEHD funnel and cover, PP closure and funnel adaptor, PTFE vent membrane. Features the Easy Snap Safety Latch to minimize spillage if accidentally tipped over and a larger Ø funnel for easy pouring. Vent system helps reduce fumes and splashing. Removable neck screen traps large particles, like stir bars. Available in 24.5 cm funnel Ø with 83B closure and 14 cm funnel Ø with 38-430 closure. For solvent, chemical and biological waste. US Patent 6,752,183.
Safety Waste Funnels  Nalgene®
AusführungØ oben
MaterialVerschlussPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
safety waste funnel140.00gelantine38-43015251661-61.83Order
safety waste funnel254.00gelantine83B15251662-65.34Order