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Safety Waste Systems

PP safety waste funnel and PEHD or fluorinated PEHD waste container, PP closure and funnel adapter, PP and PTFE vent plug.
For temporary storage of solvent, chemical, and biological wastes. System consists of a chemical- and break-resistant container; and removable funnel with lid, closure / funnel adapter, and screen insert. Large Ø funnel includes cover with easy-snap safety latch to minimise accidental spills and volatile emissions. Funnel easily unscrews from PP closure / funnel adapter for cleaning and quicker access. Closure / adapter includes vent with PP / PTFE vent plug that releases pressure during pouring, and reduces emissions during use; closure / adapter can also connect to external syringe filter. Removable PP screen insert filter fits at bottom of funnel to trap large particles. US Patent 6,752,183.
Safety Waste Systems  Nalgene®
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MaterialVerschlussDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
4.00140.00PEHD38-430 15251663-85.43Order
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