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Labtop Coolers

Green PC lower section filled with a non-toxic gel; gel-filled white or non-filled clear polycarbonate lid with handle. 0 °C coolers replace messy ice baths. They are supplied with sixteen inserts to convert 1.5 ml holes to accept 0.2 to 0.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes. Excellent for transporting samples in Vacutainers® in hospitals and clinics. Coolers accommodate tube height up to 125 mm when lid is latched.
Labtop Coolers  Nalgene®
(L x W x H)
CoolingPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
3 x 4*197 x 140 x 1901.59up to 5 h15400928-333.72Order
3 x 4151 x 108 x 1250.68up to 3.5 h15400930-155.52Order
3 x 4**197 x 140 x 1901.59up to 5 h15400931-333.72Order
4 x 8243 x 157 x 1462.04up to 5 h15400933-303.48Order
* For tubes (e. g. Vacutainer®) with a Ø of 12 to 13 mm.
** For tubes (e. g. Vacutainer®) with a Ø of 16 to 17 mm.