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Disperser T 65 basic ULTRA-TURRAX®

Extremely powerful dispersing instrument for volumes from 2 to 50 l (H2O) for typical pilot plant stations. A fixed speed of 7200 min-1 enables users to work at a high circumferential speed even with small rotor Ø. 3 rotor-stator configurations guarantee a wide range of applications. Reproducible operations due to constant speed even with changes in viscosities.
  • Electronic speed control.
  • Electronic overload protection.
  • Cables and plugs not incl. in the delivery.
  • Plug-in connectors facilitate exchange of dispersing elements.
  • St. steel dispersing elements for use under vacuum and pressure.
Technical Data:
Motor rating input / output:1800 / 1500 W
Volume range (H2O):2 to 50 l
Max. viscosity:5000 mPas
Speed range:7200 min-1 (fixed)
Noise without element:75 dB (A)
Extension arm:flange
Process typebatch
Dimensions (W x D x H):185 x 400 x 450 mm
Weight:26 kg
Permissible ambient temperature:5 to 40 °C
Permissible rel. moisture:80 %
Protection class acc. to DIN EN 60529:IP 54
Mains supply:3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Max. Viskosität5000 [mPa·s]
Descriptionbasic device without accessories
Disperser T 65 basic ULTRA-TURRAX®  IKA
TypeMin. Arbeitsvol.
Max. Arbeitsvol.
Min. Drehzahl
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Max. Drehzahl
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Accessories are available on request.
Dispersing elements for T 65 basic / control ULTRA-TURRAX / IKA-Werke