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Heat-Shrink Bands

PVC for Nalgene® PETG Media Bottles. These bands provide a tamper-resistant seal to ensure the integrity of the bottle contents. Simply apply the recommended application torque for Nalgene® closures, and slide the heat-shrink band over the closure and bottle neck; heat the band to shrink and secure contents. Bands are gamma stable and include a perforated "tear strip" feature for easy removal. They are available in 4 sizes to mate with Nalgene® PETG square media bottles.
Heat-Shrink Bands  Nalgene®
For bottles
For Torque
PackPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
302195-10202 zipper bags of 500 each10005103371-108.00Order
602195-10242 zipper bags of 500 each10005103372-108.00Order
125 to 10002195-14382 zipper bags of 500 each10005103373-108.00Order
20002195-11532 zipper bags of 500 each10005103374-140.40Order