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DURAN® Vacuum Desiccator NOVUS
DWK Life Sciences

The desiccator is used to store moisture-sensitive substances and to dry moist products. The NOVUS design had an NS tube (NS 24 / 29) in the lid.
  • Due to the massive wall thickness and the precise processing of the vacuum-tight cuts on the lid and base, storage under vacuum is also possible over a longer period of time.
  • The drying process can be accelerated by connecting a vacuum to the tap.
  • Suitable for full vacuum (0 mbar).
  • Spare parts such as lids, lower parts, taps and closures are compatible and can be exchanged as required (note DN).
  • Available with or without a porcelain plate.
  • Vacuum-tight, made from DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3.
  • DIN 12 491.
DURAN® Vacuum Desiccator NOVUS  DWK Life Sciences
MaterialDesiccator typeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
100174.00glasswith tube cover NS 24/2917415042119-213.67Order
150239.00glasswith tube cover NS 24/2923915042131-226.42Order
200296.00glasswith tube cover NS 24/2929615042138-271.73Order
250344.00glasswith tube cover NS 24/2934415042143-405.27Order
300420.00glasswith tube cover NS 24/2942015042147-573.64Order
150239.00glasswith tube cover NS 24/29with desiccator plate made of porcelain, vacuum port15432545-265.93Order
200296.00glasswith tube cover NS 24/29with desiccator plate made of porcelain, vacuum port15432546-353.02Order
250344.00glasswith tube cover NS 24/29with desiccator plate made of porcelain, vacuum port15432547-515.58Order
300420.00glasswith tube cover NS 24/29with desiccator plate made of porcelain, vacuum port15432548-730.41Order
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