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Thermostats STANDARD Series
Thermo Scientific

Temperatures from ambient plus 13 to 150 °C in tanks, jar baths, aquaria and other vessels with capacities up to 50 l. Enhanced digital display and easy-to-use touchpad settings, allowing easy tuning of temperature to meet specific application requirements. Temperature sensors ensure accurate and repeatable results and include high-temperature- and low-level cutoffs that protect samples and equipment from damage. Thermostats can be indexed 90° on all 4 sides of the bath.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Self-tuning fuzzy PI controller for optimised temperature control.
  • 5 programmable set temperatures.
  • RTA (Real Temperature Adjustment) for calibration.
  • Pump speed adjustment 2 level for turbulence reduction.
  • 3 languages (English, German, French).
  • Change digital display resolution between 0.1 and 0.01 and between °C, °F, K.
  • Acoustic and optical alarm.
  • Auto-restart option after turn on or power failure.
  • 230 V / 50 Hz.

SC 150:
  • Temperature control to + 150 °C.
  • Low-liquid level alarm.
  • Automatic controller shut-down at detection of excessively high temperature, low liquid level or motor overload.
  • Communication options for RS232, RS485, Ethernet / LAN and analog I/O.

SC 150L:
  • Incl. all features of the SC 150 plus long thermostat shaft to accommodate deep and large baths.

AC 150:
Like SC 100 / 150, plus:
  • Pump speed adjustment 3 levels for turbulence control.
  • Powerful force and suction pump for external open and closed applications.
  • Internal and external temperature control mode (Remote Sensor, NAMUR type).
  • Easy navigation in 8 languages.
  • Programmable application temperature alarm with user selected noise, go-save-state or shut off option.
  • Early-warning alert for low fluid level and refill.
  • Incl. adjustable bridge for 300 to 800 mm.

AC 200:
Like AC 150, plus:
  • Ramp programming: with edit during ramp feature.
  • Calibration of 3 points.
  • Extra communication option for Profibus, CAN bus Analog I/O.
Technical Data:
Temperature accuracy:± 0.02 K (SC models)
± 0.01 K (AC models)
Heater (230 V):2000 W
Pressure force:300 mbar (SC models)
475 mbar (AC models)
Suction force:330 mbar (AC models)
Flow force:17 l / min (SC models)
20 l / min (AC models)
LCD display:53 x 29 mm (SC models)
71 x 39 mm (AC models)
Thermostats STANDARD Series  Thermo Scientific
Temperature range
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
SC 10075 to 14513 to 100165 x 333 x 1951 (NFL)15422920-887.40Order
SC 15075 to 14513 to 150165 x 333 x 1953 (FL)15422921-1,224.00Order
SC 150L75 to 19013 to 150165 x 372 x 1953 (FL)15422922-1,527.30Order
AC 15075 to 14513 to 150165 x 368 x 1953 (FL)15424904-1,530.90Order
AC 20075 to 14513 to 200165 x 368 x 1953 (FL)15424905-1,788.30Order
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