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Heating Bath Circulators SAHARA Series
Thermo Scientific

Temperatures are maintained from ambient plus 13 to 100 °C. Thermostats are attached by a sturdy bath bridge and can be indexed 90° on all four sides of the bath.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • 230 V / 50 Hz.
  • Complete system with bath and thermostat.

Available in a choice of 3 materials:
  • Stainless steel: rugged and corrosion-resistant for high-temperature applications.
  • Transparent acrylic: ideal for applications requiring good visibility.
  • Polyphenylene oxide (PPO): an economical alternative to st. steel, thermally resistant up to 100 °C.
Technical Data:
Heater 230 V:2000 W
Temperature accuracy:± 0.02 K
Pressure:300 mbar
Fow force:17 l / min
Safety class
SC 100:
SC 150 / 150L:

1 (NFL)
3 (FL)
Heating Bath Circulators SAHARA Series  Thermo Scientific
TypeTemperature range
plus ambient
MaterialPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
SC 100-S713 to 100438 x 232 x 4514 to 711.4stainless steel15422924-1,456.20Order
SC 100-S1313 to 100438 x 312 x 4418 to 1313.9stainless steel15422925-1,535.40Order
SC 100-S1513 to 100455 x 392 x 47611 to 2016.9stainless steel15422926-on demand 
SC 100-S2113 to 100404 x 392 x 6529 to 2118.2stainless steel15422927-1,677.60Order
SC 100-S4513 to 100554 x 392 x 65234 to 4524.8stainless steel15422929-2,326.50Order
SC 100-S4913 to 100455 x 392 x 100229 to 4927.6stainless steel15422930-2,481.30Order
SC 150-S713 to 150438 x 232 x 4514 to 711.4stainless steel15422932-1,813.50Order
SC 150-S1313 to 150438 x 312 x 4418 to 1313.9stainless steel15422933-1,890.90Order
SC 150-S2113 to 150404 x 392 x 6529 to 2118.2stainless steel15422935-2,036.70Order
SC 150L-S713 to 150438 x 232 x 4514 to 711.4stainless steel15422936-2,123.10Order
SC 150L-S1313 to 150438 x 312 x 4418 to 1313.9stainless steel15422937-2,207.70Order
SC 150L-S4513 to 150554 x 392 x 65234 to 4524.8stainless steel15422940-3,039.30Order
SC 150L-S4913 to 150455 x 392 x 100229 to 4927.6stainless steel15422941-3,198.60Order
SC 100-S6T13 to 60130 x 160 x 4004 to 66.3transparent acrylic15422942-1,282.50Order
SC 100-S12T13 to 60320 x 170 x 3408 to 127.3transparent acrylic15422943-1,350.00Order
SC 100-S19T13 to 60320 x 170 x 52012 to 198.7transparent acrylic15422944-1,451.70Order
SC 150-S6T13 to 60130 x 160 x 4004 to 66.3transparent acrylic15422945-1,602.90Order
SC 150-S12T13 to 60320 x 170 x 3408 to 127.3transparent acrylic15422946-1,707.30Order
SC 150-S19T13 to 60320 x 170 x 52012 to 198.7transparent acrylic15422947-1,809.00Order
SC 100-S5P13 to 100190 x 170 x 3903 to 55.1PPO15422948-1,096.20Order
SC 100-S14P13 to 100360 x 170 x 4508 to 146.3PPO15422949-1,197.90Order
SC 100-S21P13 to 100360 x 170 x 54013 to 216.6PPO15422950-1,209.60Order
SC 150-S5P13 to 100190 x 170 x 3903 to 55.1PPO15422951-1,450.80Order
SC 150-S14P13 to 100360 x 170 x 4508 to 146.3PPO15422952-1,560.60Order
SC 150-S21P13 to 100360 x 170 x 54013 to 216.6PPO15422953-1,548.00Order
For specifications of thermostats please see Order No. 5422920 to 5422922.