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Refrigeration Circulators / Cryostats ARCTIC Series
Thermo Scientific

Offered in a range of sizes, depths and openings to meet different application needs. With st. steel reservoir. Capacities from 5 to 30 l, recessed handles and drain port opening at the front. The ventilation design allows 2 sides of the bath to be blocked (allowing placement in room corner) and still deliver full refrigeration performance without affecting the equipment. With tight control of cooling capacities and built-in energy-saving features to limit power consumption. The thermostat can be indexed 90° on all sides of the bath.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • 230 V / 50 Hz.
  • Complete system with bath and thermostat.
Technical Data:
Heater 230 V:2000 W
Temperature accuracy:± 0.02 K
Pressure:300 mbar
Fow force:17 l / min
Safety class
SC 100:
SC 150 / 150L:

1 (NFL)
3 (FL)
Refrigeration Circulators / Cryostats ARCTIC Series  Thermo Scientific
TypeTemperature range
Cooling capacity at
+20 / 0 / -20 / -40 °C
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
SC 100-A10- 10 to + 100606 x 220 x 414527.5240 W15422961-2,518.20Order
SC 100-A25- 25 to + 100710 x 273 x 4837 to 1236.1500 W15422962-3,127.50Order
SC 150-A10- 10 to + 100606 x 220 x 414527.5240 W15422965-2,885.40Order
SC 150-A25- 25 to + 150710 x 273 x 4837 to 1236.1500 W15422966-3,500.10Order
SC 150L-A25- 25 to + 150710 x 273 x 4837 to 1236.1500 W15422969-3,878.10Order
SC 150-A40- 28 to + 150749 x 385 x 5197 to 1249.9800 W15424906-4,628.70Order
SC 150L-A40- 28 to + 150749 x 385 x 5197 to 1249.9800 W15424907-5,049.00Order
AC 150-A40- 28 to + 150787 x 385 x 5197 to 1249.9800 W15424908-4,701.60Order
AC 200-A40- 40 to + 200787 x 385 x 5197 to 1249.9800 W15424909-5,026.50Order
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