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Accessories for Thermostats STANDARD / ARCTIC Series
Thermo Scientific

DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Basic rackfor baths S13, S12T, S1515422974-162.00Order
Basic rackfor baths A5B, A10B, A24B, S49, S19T, S14P, S21P15422973-146.70Order
Basic rack insertfor tubes Ø 10 mm15422975-109.80Order
Basic rack insertfor tubes Ø 16 mm15422976-109.80Order
Basic rack insertfor tubes Ø 25 mm15422977-121.50Order
Basic rack insertwithout holes15422980-96.30Order
Plastic hole reducerfrom 16 to 3 to 10 mm Ø15422978-35.42Order
A5B / A10B extension bridgefor liftplate and EK immersion cooler addition15424944-109.80Order
Lifting platformfor S21, S30, S4515422983-315.00Order
Lifting platformfor S4915422985-315.00Order
Tap water cooling coilfor regular bathbridge SC100, SC15015422986-146.70Order
Tap water cooling coilfor clamp holder immersion SC100, SC15015422987-146.70Order
Tap water cooling coilfor regular bathbridge SC150L15422988-179.10Order
Tap water cooling coilfor clamp holder immersion SC150L15422989-162.00Order
Communication extension boardfor RS23215424945-237.60Order
Communication extension boardfor RS48515424946-265.50Order
Communication extension boardfor Ethernet / LAN15424947-286.20Order
Power cable230 V / 50 Hz for Switzerland15424948-40.50Order
Stainless steel bath coverfor S5P15422990-71.01Order
Stainless steel bath coverfor S14P15422991-113.40Order
Stainless steel bath coverfor S21P15422992-143.10Order
Stainless steel bath cover, flat with handlefor S21, S30, S4515425630-117.90Order
Stainless steel bath cover, flat with handlefor S4915425631-216.00Order
Stainless steel bath cover, flat with handlefor A5B15424951-79.92Order
Stainless steel bath cover, flat with handlefor A10B15424952-129.60Order
Stainless steel bath cover, flat with handlefor A25B15424953-78.95Order
AdapterM 16 x 1 female 1/4" NPTF male15424955-57.69Order
AdapterM 16 x 1 male 1/4" NPTF male15424956-69.66Order