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Cutting Mills SM 100 / SM 200 / SM 300

Rapid and gentle size reduction of bulky, soft, medium-hard, fibrous, elastic and thermally sensitive materials. The most powerful model, the SM 300, is especially suitable for cutting heterogeneous mixtures such as household waste, plastic materials, computer and electronic scrap. The mills are also used for organic materials like wood, roots, bones, plants and feed pellets. They can be equipped with various rotors and hoppers.
  • Powerful size reduction thanks to 3 kW drive with high torque and additional fly wheel mass (SM 300).
  • Perfect adaptation to application requirements by variable speed from 100 to 3000 min-1 (SM 300).
  • Optimum cutting effects thanks to double acting cutting bars (SM 200, SM 300).
  • Quick and easy cleaning without tools due to fold-back housing with smooth surfaces and push-fit rotor and sieves (SM 200, SM 300).
  • Defined final fineness due to bottom sieves with aperture sizes from 0.25 to 20 mm.
  • Wide range of accessories including various hoppers, collection systems, rotors and sieves.
  • SM 100 with 5 l collecting receptacle.
  • SM 200 / SM 300 with 5 l collecting receptacle, base frame.
Technical Data:
Feed size:up to 60 x 80 mm
Final fineness:0.25 to 20 mm
Push-fit rotor:yes
 SM Series Video
Cutting Mills SM 100 / SM 200 / SM 300  Retsch
TypeSpeed range
Size with base
frame (W x H x D)
Mains supplyPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
SM 1001500582 x 1675 x 700733/N~ 400 V, 50 Hz15425401-4,806.00Order
SM 2001500576 x 1675 x 760903/N~ 400 V, 50 Hz15425399-9,054.00Order
SM 300, standard size reductionvariable, 100 to 3000795 x 1691 x 765160220 to 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz15423091-11,187.00Order
SM 300, heavy-metal-free size reductionvariable, 100 to 3000795 x 1691 x 765160220 to 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz15423092-11,187.00Order
Please order rotor, hopper and bottom sieve and base frame (option) separately.
Further voltages and versions without heavy-metal on request.
Accessories for cutting mill SM 100 / SM 200 / SM 300 / Retsch
Bottom sieves for cutting mills SM 100 / SM 200 / SM 300 / Retsch