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Accessories for Cutting Mill SM 100 / SM 200 / SM 300

Accessories for Cutting Mill SM 100 / SM 200 / SM 300  Retsch
TypeDescriptionForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Universal hopperwith plastic plungerSM 10015738803-876.60Order
Long stock hopperwith wooden plungerSM 10015739056-876.60Order
Universal hopperwith plastic plungerSM 200 / SM 30015423097-1,053.00Order
Long stock hopperwith wooden plungerSM 200 / SM 30015423100-1,053.00Order
Cyclon unitincl. 1 sample bottle 500 ml (for use with indust. vacuum cleaner)SM 200 / SM 30015435248-2,502.00Order
Holder for sample receptacles 1, 2, 5 lfor SM cycloneSM 200 / SM 30015430672-189.90Order
Sample receptacle 1 lglass, to be used with holder for sample receptaclesSM 200 / SM 30015430673-43.20Order
Sample receptacle 2 lglass, to be used with holder for sample receptaclesSM 200 / SM 30015430674-99.00Order
Sample receptacle 5 lglass, to be used with holder for sample receptaclesSM 200 / SM 30015430675-315.90Order
6-disc rotorst. steel, with reversible cutting tips of tungsten carbideSM 100 / SM 200 / SM 30015423093-1,764.00Order
Parallel section rotorst. steelSM 100 / SM 200 / SM 30015423094-1,764.00Order
Collecting receptacle 30 lplastic, incl. adapter and filter hoseSM 100 / SM 200 / SM 30015423102-468.00Order
Collecting unit 250 / 500 mlincl. 2 wide mouth bottlesSM 100 / SM 200 / SM 30015423101-345.60Order
V-rotor SM 30015435249-2,817.00Order
6-disc rotorsteel St 52, heavy-metal-free size reduction 15423095-1,764.00Order
Parallel section rotorsteel 1.0580, heavy-metal-free size reduction 15423096-1,764.00Order
Wooden plungerfor standard feed hopper 15423098-415.80Order
Aluminum plungerfor standard feed hopper 15423099-415.80Order
Ring filternwith Conidur plate for 5 l collecting receptacle 15423103-891.00Order
Extraction tool for rotor  15423104-33.30Order