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Universal Centrifuges Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X1 / X1 R
Thermo Scientific

For high-performance applications of temperature-sensitive samples. High capacities, little workspace, curved design. Low energy consumption on industry standard protocols, with power saving option. 5 direct access keys and 1 folder key with additional storage for 94 programmes, immediate storage and access to the most frequently used programmes and to the 99 programmes library. Hybrid lid latch (optionally: automatic lid opening at end of run and password protection). Intuitive controls, glove- and detergent-friendly panel. Choice of 9 acceleration and 10 deceleration rates. Keyboard for direct input of programme parameters.
  • Max. timer range: 9 h, 99 min or continuous.
  • At-Start: standard timing down from pushing 'Start' button.
  • At-Speed: for ultimate replication of result, timing begins at operating speed for specific run time required.
  • Highly visible backlit display, SET and ACTUAL parameters, multilingual.
  • With pulse (short) run.
  • Technical standards: EN 292, EN 61326, EN 55011B.
  • Certifications: UL listed, CSA certified, CE marked, IVD compliant, Certified Biosafety.

Auto-Lock III rotor system: locking system for installation and exchange of rotors with just the push of a button. Reduced contamination risk, improved research and healthier working environment.

SMARTSpin technology: rotor management system for acceleration, braking, temperature control and residual load imbalance.

ClickSeal bucket sealing system: biocontainment interlocking system with a simple operation, eliminating screw caps and clips. Polyetherimide (PEI) sealing covers with high chemical and good thermal properties.

Cell culture, bioproduction, food safety, blood separation, body fluids, processing, hematology, DNA / RNA harvesting, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, stem cell, microbiology, molecular biology, proteomics, genomics, clinical chemistry, TB sputum.

X1 R:
  • Pre-Cooling function Pre-Temp: achieves 4 °C in 15 min from ambient 23 °C.
Technical Data:
Mains supply:230 V
Max. capacity:4 x 400 ml (with swing bucket rotor)
6 x 100 ml (with fixed angle rotor)
Max. speed:6300 min-1 (with swing bucket rotor)
15200 min-1 (with fixed angle rotor)
Max. RCF:7144 x g (with swing bucket rotor)
25830 x g (with fixed angle rotor)
Control system:microprocessor
Drive system:direct, brushless induction low profile motor
Max. power consumption:X1: 1010 W
X1 R: 1400 W
Max. heat output:X1: 3447 kJ / h
X1 R: 4776 kJ / h
Dimensions (H x W x D) with closed lid:X1: 36 * x 44 x 60.5 cm
X1 R: 36 * x 62.3 x 60.5 cm
Temperature:X1 R: - 10 to + 40 °C adjustable
 Video Auto Lock
 Video ClickSeal
Universal Centrifuges Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X1 / X1 R  Thermo Scientific
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X1without57.515422625-4,154.40Order
Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X1 Rwith91.515422626-6,669.90Order
* With open lid height of 87 cm.
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