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DURAN® Reagent Bottles, Narrow Mouth and Wide Mouth
DWK Life Sciences

Classic narrow-neck and wide-neck reagent bottles in clear and amber glass that can be closed with a glass stopper.
  • Consists only of glass components and is therefore suitable for storing aggressive materials.
  • Tight closure due to standard grinding.
  • Easily readable scale with line division for measuring the content.
  • Wide-neck bottles: easy access to the contents of the bottle thanks to the wide diameter of the bottle neck.
  • Brown bottle: UV protection up to approx. 500 nm wavelength due to external paint application.
  • With standard ground joint and flat-head glass stopper.
  • With Retrace Code and Batch Certificate via Internet.
  • Autoclavable.
  • ISO 4796-2.
DURAN® Reagent Bottles, Narrow Mouth and Wide Mouth  DWK Life Sciences
DURAN® Reagent Bottles, Narrow Mouth and Wide Mouth  DWK Life SciencesDURAN® Reagent Bottles, Narrow Mouth and Wide Mouth  DWK Life SciencesDURAN® Reagent Bottles, Narrow Mouth and Wide Mouth  DWK Life Sciences   
Neck size
ColourTypePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
2512 / 213664clearnarrow mouth15070814+24.74Order
5014 / 154280clearnarrow mouth15070817+22.04Order
10014 / 155296clearnarrow mouth15070824+22.04Order
25019 / 2670130clearnarrow mouth15070836+24.31Order
50024 / 2986164clearnarrow mouth15070844+31.49Order
100029 / 32107200clearnarrow mouth15070854-35.54Order
200029 / 32134248clearnarrow mouth15070863+51.29Order
500045 / 40182323clearnarrow mouth15070873-156.60Order
1000060 / 46227398clearnarrow mouth15070886-237.60Order
2000060 / 46288492clearnarrow mouth15423160-444.60Order
2512 / 213664ambernarrow mouth15070914-46.34Order
5014 / 154280ambernarrow mouth15070917+34.64Order
10014 / 155296ambernarrow mouth15070924-35.09Order
25019 / 2670130ambernarrow mouth15070936+46.79Order
50024 / 2986164ambernarrow mouth15070944-54.89Order
100029 / 32107200ambernarrow mouth15070954+65.24Order
200029 / 32134248ambernarrow mouth15070963+107.10Order
500045 / 40182324ambernarrow mouth15070536-233.10Order
1000060 / 46227398ambernarrow mouth15070542-345.60Order
20000*60 / 46288492ambernarrow mouth15430007-647.10Order
5024 / 204479clearwide mouth15071817+26.09Order
10029 / 225297clearwide mouth15071824+27.44Order
25034 / 3570133clearwide mouth15071836+36.89Order
50045 / 4086163clearwide mouth15071844-45.44Order
100060 / 46107201clearwide mouth15071854+60.74Order
200060 / 46133247clearwide mouth15071863+72.44Order
5000*85 / 55182358clearwide mouth15071873-197.10Order
10000*85 / 55229443clearwide mouth15071886-291.60Order
20000*85 / 55290570clearwide mouth15423161-503.10Order
5024 / 204479amberwide mouth15071917+45.89Order
10029 / 225297amberwide mouth15071924+40.04Order
25034 / 3570133amberwide mouth15071936+64.79Order
50045 / 4086163amberwide mouth15071944+76.49Order
100060 / 46107201amberwide mouth15430008+98.10Order
200060 / 46133247amberwide mouth15430009+143.10Order
5000*85 / 55182358amberwide mouth15430010-296.10Order
10000*85 / 55229443amberwide mouth15430011-395.10Order
20000*85 / 55290570amberwide mouth15423162-741.60Order
* Not acc. to ISO.