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DURAN® Erlenmeyer Flasks, Narrow Mouth
DWK Life Sciences

The conical shape makes it ideal for mixing liquids.
  • Easily readable scale with line division for measuring the content.
  • Burnt-in and therefore permanently durable white print.
  • ISO 1773.
  • With graduation.
  • With Retrace Code and Batch Certificate via Internet.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Borosilicate 3.3 glass.
DURAN® Erlenmeyer Flasks, Narrow Mouth  DWK Life Sciences
MaterialAusführung HalsHöhe
Upper Ø
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
25.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim75.0042.0022.0015141014+6.85Order
50.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim90.0051.0022.00105141017+68.58Order
100.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim105.0064.0022.00105141024+68.47Order
125.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim112.0067.0028.00105427079-65.77Order
150.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim118.0074.0028.00105423170-67.18Order
200.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim131.0079.0034.00105141032+68.58Order
250.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim145.0085.0034.00105141036+69.34Order
300.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim156.0087.0034.00105141039+80.03Order
500.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim180.00105.0034.0015141044+9.23Order
800.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim200.00120.0042.0015430465+11.49Order
1000.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim220.00131.0042.0015141054+15.64Order
2000.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim280.00166.0050.0015141063+29.73Order
3000.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim310.00187.0052.0015141068+54.32Order
5000.00borosilicate glass 3.3narrow neck with beaded rim365.00220.0052.0015141073+81.48Order
* Non ISO size.