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Automatic Burettes, Dr. Schilling Pattern

SILBERBRAND, with Schellbach stripe. With filling tube (PVC) and discharge tube (silicone). Error limits acc. to class B, DIN EN ISO 385. Calibrated to deliver (»TD«, »Ex«). High contrast black enamel graduations and inscriptions or high contrast, white enamel graduations and inscriptions (amber glass). Supplied completely with reservoir bottle made of PELD and base (PEHD).
  • Burette made of Boro 3.3, amber glass versions made of AR-GLAS®.
  • Squeezing bottle allows rapid filling.
  • Automatic zeroing.
  • Micrometer screw allows fine titration.
  • Rough titration by releasing the micrometer screw and using the press button.
Automatic Burettes, Dr. Schilling Pattern  BRAND
Capacity bottle
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
10.00500clear glassno0.05530.0015271053+86.78Order
15.00500clear glassno0.10510.0015271055+82.94Order
25.001000clear glassno0.10620.0015271056+94.01Order
50.001000clear glassno0.10830.0015271058-97.85Order
25.001000amber glassno0.10650.0015423693-119.29Order
50.001000amber glassno0.10900.0015423694-119.29Order
* Amber glass.
** Reduced distance between subdivision marks.