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Cryo Tubes with External / Internal Thread

With external / internal thread for storage of biological material, such as microorganisms, human and animal cells etc. in the gaseous phase of liquid nitrogen.
  • PP. Graduated.
  • Cryo tubes with external thread (screw-on cap with silicone seal), cryo tubes with internal thread (screw-on cap with sealing cone).
  • Temperature stability up to - 196 °C and autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. to DIN EN 285.
  • Fast opening and closing with 1 ¼ turn of cap.
  • γ-sterilised (SAL 10-6), RNase-, DNase-, DNA- and endotoxin-free.
  • Large frosted marking area and coloured cap inserts for easy identification.
Cryo Tubes with External / Internal Thread  BRAND
up to ml
VersionOuter Ø
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
1.21.0with external thread and selfstanding12.54110005400051-347.81Order
2.01.8with external thread and round bottom12.54710005400052-347.81Order
2.01.8with external thread and selfstanding12.54910005400053-347.81Order
3.03.0with external thread and selfstanding12.57010005400054-372.17Order
4.03.6with external thread and selfstanding12.57610005400055-403.11Order
5.04.5with external thread and selfstanding12.59010005400056-425.68Order
1.21.0with internal thread and selfstanding12.54110005400057-347.81Order
2.01.8with internal thread and selfstanding12.54910005400058-347.81Order
2.01.8with internal thread and round bottom12.54810005400059-347.81Order
4.03.6with internal thread and round bottom12.57010005400060-463.16Order
4.03.6with internal thread and selfstanding12.57110005400061-527.63Order
5.04.6with internal thread and round bottom12.59010005400062-528.98Order
Cap inserts for cryo tubes / BRAND